In business expansion and global optimization, setting up a Global Captive Centre (GCC) has become an increasingly attractive option for companies seeking to harness the potential of skilled international workforces while maintaining cost-efficiency. This article presents how Astravise partnered with a global, listed logistic company to establish a GCC in India.

The Need for a Global Captive Centre

Every significant venture starts with a compelling need, and our client, a prominent global logistics company, had a clear one. Their goal was to have a robust team support their IT capabilities, enhance operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and stay ahead in a highly competitive industry. The solution lay in establishing a GCC providing them with a greater control over the team quality benefiting from a world class Indian talent pool.


Choosing the Right Location

Selecting the perfect location for the GCC was a pivotal decision. Multiple options were evaluated and Hyderabad, India, emerged as the frontrunner due to its reputation as a technological hub and a rich source of skilled professionals. Hyderabad’s favorable business environment, availability of appropriate IT skilled resources and robust infrastructure ticked all the right boxes.

Navigating Legal Requirements

Establishing a GCC in a foreign land involves navigating a complex web of legal requirements. Astravise, with its expertise and experience, played an instrumental role in ensuring all the necessary registrations, work permits, licenses, and certifications were obtained. This meticulous process ensured a seamless transition for our client.

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Building the Team

One of the critical success factors in setting up the GCC would be recruiting the right talent. Astravise’s extensive network and deep knowledge on talent acquisition facilitated access to a pool of highly skilled professionals. Our team worked diligently to identify and on-board the best tech and other functional talent for the company’s needs.

Enabling Support Services

In addition to technical talent, Astravise also provided essential support functions. We assisted in setting up critical services such as finance, HR, IT, payroll, and administration. This involved defining and documenting critical workflows, policies and controls for Indian operations and executing the periodic as well as one-time activities as per agreed protocols. These support services ensured the GCC operated efficiently, allowing the client to focus on their core logistics operations.

Overcoming Challenges

No significant undertaking is without its challenges. Cultural differences, time zone variations, and adapting to new regulations were hurdles during the GCC setup. However, these challenges were addressed and resolved effectively through collaborative efforts and a commitment to the project’s success. Regular calls with the key stakeholders and involving the decision makers at the right time were the pre-cursors in the successful execution of the setup.

Governance mechanism

Key concerns for companies setting up operations outside their territory is establishing and sustaining governance processes – Composition of the Board to bring in appropriate skillsets to steer the company, periodic Board meetings with clear business progress discussions enabling the Board to act efficiently, experienced Indian key personnel / directors that keeps the business objectives in focus and ensuring gold standard compliances to the regulations. Astravise was able to address these concerns adequately and establish the necessary framework.

Measuring Success

As the GCC became operational, success metrics were closely monitored. Key performance indicators (KPIs) related to cost savings, efficiency gains, and workforce productivity were tracked. The results were nothing short of impressive. The customer experienced significant cost reductions, improved service quality, and a marked increase in productivity. Equally important, customer was delighted with passion with Astravise team owned the activities and Astravise’s focus on compliance and governance processes.


The journey of setting up a Global Captive Centre in Hyderabad, India, for our US client was a testament to the power of strategic collaboration and meticulous planning. Astravise’s commitment to excellence and our client’s vision for growth converged to create a remarkable success story.

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