Our Specializations


Hire finance professionals who go beyond expertise to deliver tangible business results. Our talent service combines an eye for detail with a strategic perspective that drives success. Build a team that will take your business to new heights.


Build the perfect support teams that align with your company’s culture and drive growth opportunities. Our recruitment service combines technology and a personal touch that delivers tangible value to your business. Let us help you find the right talent for operations and shared services that will complement your core team.


As a leading technology staffing company, we provide access to a rich pool of talented IT professionals across all seniority levels. With our unparalleled expertise, we ensure your IT staffing needs are fully met, giving you the freedom to focus on what really matters – growing your business.

Why Astravise?

At Astravise, we pride ourselves on finding talented individuals who are not only capable, but also excited to tackle the challenges that come with new opportunities.

Our unique blend of experience and business nous helps organizations achieve success without compromising on value. Whether you’re a Startup, a growth stage company, or an enterprise, our experience in this sector allows us to find the perfect talent to meet your goals.

20+ years of expertise in varied industries across MNCs, SMEs and Start-ups
Diverse Clientele across IT/ITES, Logistics, EdTech and Manufacturing verticals
Decades of experience in building and scaling strong teams.
Smart Candidate evaluation process with functional and psychometric tests
Candidate evaluation data that greatly improves recruitment process

Our Experts

Deepak Gupta
Deepak GuptaPartner (CA, CS, CPA, MBA–ISB)
Deepak has over 15 years of experience in advisory, and industry across geographies in multiple industries. In past, he worked in EY and Deloitte where he largely worked in various advisory project including due diligence, IPO, M&A, and project management.
Venkatesh Bhat
Venkatesh BhatManaging Partner (CA)
Venkatesh has over 27 years of experience across multiple MNCs and Start-ups. He has held key positions in manufacturing and distribution in companies like Unilever, Whirlpool and GE. Venkatesh was CFO at ACT FiberNet and most recently at Blackbuck.

Shared HR Services

Empowering Businesses with Streamlined HR Services

At Astravise, we understand Human Resources (HR) ‘s critical role in an organization’s success. That’s why we offer shared HR services, providing comprehensive support and expertise to businesses of all sizes. We aim to empower organizations by streamlining their HR processes, allowing them to focus on their core objectives while ensuring efficient and compliant HR operations.

What We Offer

HR Administration and Compliance

Engage HR professionals who go beyond expertise to deliver tangible business results. Our talent service combines an eye for detail with a strategic perspective that drives success. Build a team that will take your business to new heights

Employee Relations and Performance Management

Maintaining a positive work environment and enhancing employee productivity are essential for any organization. We guide employee relations issues, performance management, and employee development, fostering a culture of excellence and growth.

Training and Development

Investing in employee development is key to building a high-performing workforce. We offer customized training programs, workshops, and coaching sessions that address skill gaps, promote professional growth, and align individual goals with organizational objectives.

HR Administration and Compliance

Our dedicated HR team takes care of time-consuming administrative tasks, such as managing employee records, updating policies and procedures, and ensuring compliance with labor laws and regulations. By outsourcing these responsibilities to us, you can streamline your operations and mitigate compliance risks, allowing your organization to focus on strategic initiatives.

HR Administration and Compliance

Employee Relations and Performance Management

Maintaining positive employee relations fosters a productive and engaged workforce. Our HR consultants guide handling employee relations issues, resolving conflicts, and implementing effective performance management systems. We help you establish clear performance goals, conduct performance evaluations, and develop strategies for improving employee engagement and productivity.

Training and Development

Investing in your employee’s professional growth and skill development is essential for building a strong and competitive organization. Our training and development programs are tailored to your needs, focusing on leadership development, communication skills, team building, and technical training. By providing your employees with growth opportunities, you enhance their performance and foster loyalty and retention.

Training and Development

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